I come from Krakow. I teach kids for a living (at AGH University of Science and Technology), I am also a building surveyor. I live in Krakow and I cannot imagine it could be otherwise. This is the place I always return to from numerous trips around the world – which are one of my life passions. Other things I am passionate about are photography, paragliding, sailing, and climbing. The combined result of these passions are the albums available on this website, which I warmly invite you to have a look at. The easiest way to select the albums is by using the INDEX tab, where in the left column they are arranged by theme, while in the right one – they are arranged chronologically (from the newest to the oldest). You can also use the CATEGORIES tab, where you will find albums on a given subject arranged chronologically.

As time allows, I will be adding new albums, created both from current and from archived materials. Please write to me if you wish to receive information about new albums by e-mail. I will also be grateful for any comments and information on the functioning of the site.

If you would like to receive specific images in full resolution (for example in order to make a photo gallery at home, or print a poster or a wallpaper), just write to me. The pictures are for free, the only condition is that they must include the author’s name.

Take care! Wojtek Kocot

E-mail address: wokocot@gmail.com